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Author: Irene B.

Organic Moringa Farming

Organic growing in the coast region  and the magic behind the miracle tree - 'The Moringa Story' [ /vc_column] If you're a farmer in the coast region of Kenya, growing organic Moringa could be a great addition to your crops. Moringa is a versatile plant

Meet the GM- Irene Bogonko

My name is Irene Bogonko, General Manager for LEAFDE Limited, the daughter company of Leafs from Kenya, which is the production and processing company for Moringa based in Kwale County, Kenya. For the last 11 years, I have built my career working in the horticulture

Suggestion Box- Turning ideas into reality

Inviting Employees inputs and suggestions We recently came up with a suggestion box at our canteen to encourage the employees to submit their ideas, complaints or comments anonymously. Are suggestion boxes effective? There are many ways to engage employees and get them involved into the