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Growing pure

This is our story

Our Moringa

Purest products

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants. LEAFS Moringa products are filled with them. Pure tea, pure powder. Directly from our production fields in Kwale County.

Moringa leaves

Fresh leaves dried to a premium quality tea. According to our specific LEAFS process: fully automated processed on our own farm in Kenya.

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Moringa powder

The purest powder of finely ground leaves. Processed directly after the picking to preserve all nutrients. Ready for consumption or processing into pills, capsules and food products.

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Our Moringa farm

Kenya, home of Moringa & LEAFS

Kwale County, Kenya. The ideal area and climate to grow Moringa. Here lies our farm. 100 hectares of organic Moringa Oleifera. Pure and honest.

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LEAFS for your company

The benefits of our Moringa go beyond good and healthy. You want high quality, large volumes and fast delivery for your business. LEAFS makes it happen. Everything.

Organically certified

LEAFS production, processing and products are organically certified. Our farm has the status Organic, our Moringa seed is untreated, LEAFS tea and powders are GMO-free.

Large volume, high quality

100 hectares of production fields, 6 harvests per year, processing at our farm, 150 local employees. Everything you need to deliver large volumes, of the highest quality.

Transparent value chain

Production, processing, distribution. LEAFS has everything in our own hands; we are the chain. Which makes every step manageable, reliable and honest. 100%.

Reliable supply chain

As producer we are always prepared for the demand, even with high volumes. And because of our reliable partners in the LEAFS chain, fast delivery is guaranteed.

Scientifically proven

At LEAFS, we love facts. We have our Moringa constantly and thoroughly examined. Nutrients, nutritional values, quality: everything scientifically proven.

International network

Because of our extensive experience in the international agriculture and horticulture, LEAFS has a worldwide network of knowledge, wholesale and supply partners.

Growing pure

Health impact

Moringa, the miracle tree, is by far the most nutritious superfood in the world. A benefit for the body and health. For the Kenyans, for everyone.

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Global & sustainable impact

Organic production, local processing, fields full of fast-growing CO2-absorbing Moringa trees that return oxygen. LEAFS chooses positive impact on the climate and the world.

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Economic impact

With 1.000 jobs, LEAFS contributes to the development of the local economy in the poorest region of Kenya, Kwale County, located on the south coast.

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Social impact

Through the LEAFS Foundation we will invest in local development projects: in this way we support education, healthcare and food programs in refugee camps.

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