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Disability is not inability

Inclusion and Diversification

One of the company values we are committed to is the inclusion and diversification of our employees. This was put to test when we interviewed a young man with a hearing impairment. The young man had encountered difficulties in securing employment in Kwale county because most employers find it challenging to hire people with disabilities. His predicament is one that many other people with disabilities face worldwide.

After many closed doors, he was heartbroken. He thought that his dream to secure a job and blend into the community was lost. So he stopped searching for jobs. When the company first introduced the new management team to the employees this year, it was clear the organization wanted to promote an open culture where all employees feel safe to express their opinion and ideas to the management. This saw one of our employees recommend the young man for an open vacancy in the organization.

Although Omari is deaf, he can read and write and has undergone various training in skills such as electrical wiring and digital marketing. After a vigorous interview where he came with his translator, he was successful or a role as an assistant storekeeper.

This particular incident has informed how our organization hires manpower for the farm. Part of the employees hired are Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space for all our employees and extending this culture of inclusion into our work. This is because we believe that our workforce should reflect the vast diversity of the communities we serve, and that diverse voices should be intentionally integrated into our work.

Since then we have hired 2 more people with other forms of disability and plan to give more opportunity to PWDs as the company continues to expand and workforce and opportunity arises. We truly believe disability is not inability.

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