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Our science

The process

Our process

Our professional machines preserve what it’s about: the nutrients and the quality. The entire drying process is set up for preserving all the nutrients and to uphold the nutritional value as much as possible. Controlled and slow drying come first.

Our methods

We can set up our methods and machines according to your demand and specifications. For example, we can deliver raw food by drying below temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius. Or diverse fineness of powder. Your product requirements and wishes determine the process.

Scientific numbers

At LEAFS we know what Moringa can do and does. We hear it from our people in Kenya, we see it with the people who use Moringa. Because we love facts and figures, we get it checked thoroughly. Scientific numbers, that’s how you know for sure LEAFS Moringa is truly the most nutritious and pure superfood.

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Organic production. Check.
High in nutrients. Check.
GMO-free. Food safety.
No child labour.
Check, check, check.

LEAFS from Kenya represents quality and honesty. Those are not empty words, but concrete certifications.

Besides good, we want LEAFS Moringa to be honest. That’s why we do everything as pure, as transparent and as healthy as possible. We like to have that checked and proven. Certification is the way to show everything checks out. For LEAFS, for your business.

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