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Our story

Growing pure

We make impact with every Moringa seed we plant. And we make a difference for your business and for the market, for the local people in Kenya and for the world.

Transparent and sustainable

We have every step in our own hands. In doing so, we make our chain super transparent. And furthermore: sustainable. We cultivate organic and with an eye on tomorrow, we build on excessive years of experience and on Kenyan ground. Together with hundreds of inhabitants of the beautiful country. In this way we work together on a better life and a healthier world. For everyone.

The story of our fresh leaves and pure powders is of course about quality and healthy properties – about everything you may expect from the most beautiful Moringa. We would love to tell even more about what really makes the difference:
the LEAFS chain. We are the chain. From production to distribution; from our green production fields in Kwale County to the worldwide Moringa market.


Contributing to a healthy, strong and sustainable world

Our team

Growing impact together

The LEAFS team is as strong as it is diverse. We bring knowledge of the market, experience in international horticulture and entrepreneurship together with the knowledge, strength and dedication from the local employees in Kwale County, Kenya.

Matthea Rijneker

Managing director

Joris Elstgeest


Irene Bogonko


Yusuf Waiswa

Crop manager

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