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LEAFS for your company

At home in Kenya

LEAFS is at home in Kenya. Of course because our Moringa roots and grows well right there, but certainly also because we have business roots there. We know the market and the people, we have the network and the connections. Our benefit is your benefit, that’s were it comes down to.

Western & African experience

This is the magic: our combinations of Western and African knowledge and experience. Western knowledge of growing organically, African experience in growing Moringa. Connection from our Western and African network. Western management experience in Africa.

Consistent quality, always available

LEAFS harvests health and impact. And that 3 times per year; that’s how beneficial the climate of Kenya is, that’s how fast our Moringa grows. What does that mean for your business? Always high quality, always large volumes available, always fast delivery.

Delivery: stock in Europe

Another conscious choice: our supply is not in Kenya, but in Europe. In this way we avoid among other things clearance processes, delays and unnecessary transports and costs. Large volumes available, fast and sure to deliver, that’s what matters.

Furthermore, the biggest bulk makes one trip from Kenya to Europe, instead of multiple short trips for every delivery. Indeed, also therefore a sustainable choice.

Proven by research

At LEAFS, we love facts. We have our Moringa constantly and thoroughly examined. Nutrients, nutritional values, quality: everything scientifically proven.

Transparent value chain

Production, processing, distribution. LEAFS has everything in our own hands; we are the chain. Which makes every step manageable, reliable and honest. 100% guarantee that everything checks out.

Reliable supply chain

As producer we are always prepared for the demand, even with large volumes. And because of our reliable partners in the LEAFS chain, fast delivery is guaranteed.

International network

Because of our extensive experience in the international agriculture and horticulture, LEAFS has a worldwide network of knowledge, wholesale and supply partners.

Organic certification

LEAFS production, processing and products are organically certified. Our farm has the status Organic, our Moringa seed is untreated and LEAFS tea and powders are GMO-free.

Large volume, high quality

100 hectares of production fields, 2 million trees, 3 harvests per year, processing at our farm, 150 local employees. Everything you need to deliver large volumes, of the highest quality.

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